Australian Alpacas is just one hours drive north east of Melbourne, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Yarra Valley.

Our views look out to Mount Toolebewong, Ben Cairn and Mount Donna Buang.

We are Julie and Tim Blake.

We breed and raise both Suri and Huacaya breeds of Alpaca, in most colours.

Current Australian Alpaca Association members and active participants and mentors in the Victorian Eastern Region

Our property is privately owned and operated.

We focus on improving our farm’s sustainable operations through conservative management.

The soil, pasture and indigenous tree plantings are carefully monitored, always using nature to our advantage. The Yarra Valley is well known as a fertile wine growing region. The pasture here is rich and unimproved. We rely on the valuable native grasses and forage that alpacas do so well on.  Our gently undulating paddocks all have great shade trees. And our purpose-built sheds, laneways and automatic water troughs make breeding and showing these amazing animals a pleasure for us.

Our herd freely graze and socialise in an all-natural and stress-free environment.

Recently we have created an ephemeral wetland area, utilising valuable natural springs on farm.

Environmental overlays provide for native flora and fauna that are in abundance here.

We care for and respect the land and environment, working WITH nature has huge benefits.

Operating since 2010 we’ve found that the country lifestyle and alpaca industry have worked in harmony with our ambitions. It suits our growing family and way of life in general.

Our children and grandchildren just love the alpacas and farm living!

Initially we bred the rarer Suri alpaca, under the prefix “Chakana Blue”.

We focussed on high quality genetics, assuring us a stable, elite foundation herd.

Recently, we have commenced a Huacaya breeding program under the prefix “Chakana Gold”.

Outstanding representations of Alpacas have been born into both our prefixes to date.

We are very proud of our consistent successes at high level competitions which include;

  • Winning the Victorian Eastern Region “Alpaca of the Year” for seven consecutive years.
  • Supreme winners at Royal Show level

We often run alpaca workshops covering topics such as;

  • New breeders
  • Alpaca Behaviour and Halter Training
  • Fleece collection
  • Farm maintenance.

Open days on farm are also really popular.

Contact us for more details about upcoming events.

Are you wanting to start a hobby, need herd guards or have bigger ideas for your alpaca journey?

We’d love to help you.

Alpacas for sale, Sire services or tailored packages can be arranged.

We love talking about alpacas.

Ask us about these unique inquisitive animals. 


  • Low stress handling and ethical husbandry practices
  • Low animal to land ratio
  • Careful research of proven genetics.
  • Adhering to the breed standard closely.
  • Progressive nutrition and pasture management.
  • Quality hygiene and veterinary practices.
  • Strict record keeping.
  • Consistently bred, healthy, well-proportioned alpacas, with good temperaments.
  • Keeping current within the alpaca industry.


Our vision is to manage a farm where all our animals live in harmony on this beautiful, picture-perfect property.

Australian Alpacas is a working farm.

We take pride in our purpose-built facilities and ease of operations through careful future planning.

We are committed to the Australian Alpaca Association as full members and enjoy playing important roles through the show circuits and as mentors.

In addition to providing as natural an environment as possible, we endeavour to keep maternal groups together. The health and happiness of our animals is our priority.

Pursuing leading practices in animal husbandry and weaning activities we are extremely happy with the progeny born here. We will continue to set the bar high.

Our family vision has never changed.

“To enjoy life and have fun breeding and raising alpacas that we can be proud of”

It’s as simple as that.


We live by the philosophy that if you care for the land, it will, in-turn, care for you.

We have adopted a natural approach that best cares for the soil, the water and the Flora.

We enjoy living alongside the wildlife in the valley and keeping our eco footprint low.

On farm practices always consider the welfare of the animals first.

Our breeding philosophy aligns with the astute “Estancia Accoyo” practices of the late Don Julio Barreda, from Macusani, Peru

Well thought through views on genetics and the science of continuously improving the ‘breeding values’ of the animal.